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Just do it. I scheduled a session with Victoria not really knowing what to expect. I scheduled 6 more. What else do you need to know? Don't over-think it. Just do it. It's amazing.
Alan Thompson
simply the best "I have worked with Victoria for the last 4 months to help rehab my right leg and hip after a recent motorcycle accident. Victoria has an amazing combination of massage and body work skills that she incorporated into my treatment program. With her training in multiple treatment modalities and her prior experience with professional athletes, she has the diagnostic skills and treatment options to address not only my recent injury, but to now also help address my many years of road warrior travel lifestyle with too much airplane time, computer/laptop use and too much work with too little exercise. I feel progress with every visit. Victoria’s personal style and clinical skills make her a uniquely qualified massage therapist. My wife, a serious Boulder runner, agrees that Victoria is the best she has experienced. Victoria is now also helping my high school daughter address an issue as well. We have all become believers, and Victoria is now a key part of our personal health and fitness programs. "
Heidi Goodrich
Top Notch! I myself have training in massage and work as a Strength Coach. I expect and require a lot from anyone I use as part of helping me take care of my body as well as becoming a part of my referral network. Victoria is incredible! She is very professional, educated, intuitive and open minded. I have referred MANY clients to her and have always received thorough feedback from her to help me know how to better help my clients. She sees things about their bodies I do not and has always been spot on. I love that she has training in several different modalities, as the body does not always respond well to certain types of bodywork. Each time she worked on me, I felt like I had a completely different body the next day. I end up moving better and feeling more powerful as I go through my lifting. I highly respect her and how she uses her gifts. I have come across a gazillion body workers in my line of work and she, without a doubt, is top notch!
Tim Wilfong
Every session delivers results I’m in my late 60’s, and like many folks here in the Boulder area, I’m very active. I came to Victoria the first time seeking relief from stiffness, pain and restricted ranges of motion – hips, back, neck and shoulders – seems like I had ropes and knots everywhere. Of course many of these things, I accumulated from a lifetime bad habits and poor form, and now severe degenerative arthritis in the lower back. I can’t count how many specialists, physical therapists and massage therapists I’d been to before I met Victoria. She is a wizard with muscles and anatomy; and has a practiced skill set and a sixth sense that deliver results. Her Ashiatsu barefoot deep tissue massage is amazing! She’s encouraged me to be an active part in my own treatment by putting me to work with stretches and self massage techniques I now do at home on a daily basis. Make no mistake; the sessions with Victoria are by no means a walk in the park! She works hard! I’ve worked hard -- both on her table and at home. The results are absolutely worth it! Thanks for what you do, Victoria. It truly makes difference!